Some customer stories

Finnish ministry of agriculture and forestry

Tike is the data center for Finnish ministry of agriculture and forestry.
Over 130 professionals develop, maintain and manage ICT solutions for their customers in Tike.

Plan 4 IT delivered Oracle Sparc hardware with maintenance and support for Tike.

Important factor in the decision making was our experience in enterprise environment and service delivery.

Fixus Car parts & accessories.

Plan 4 IT and Fixus Raisio begun cooperation in 2010 when store director Ville Luoto realized that their IT systems were not up to the task. ”The jungle of applications” running on array of different hardware meant that increasing amount of time was wasted in fixing IT issues instead of concentrating on their core business.

Plan 4 IT implemented Plan Officer solution to remedy the technical issues.

Plan Officer solution helps Fixus Raisio to lower IT costs and it brings reliability to everyday operations.

“Plan 4 IT has always delivered everything we have asked for, and then some”, Ville Luoto says, “This system enables us to focus on our primary role, which is to sell car parts”

Municipality of Masku: ”Fantastic cooperation”

Municipality of Masku has been using Plan 4 IT as a trusted consultant ever since Petri Tuomisto, founder and managing director of Plan 4 IT, implemented a highly successful project in 1999. Over the years Plan 4 IT has helped Masku to transform into a modern, robust IT infrastructure that leverages virtualization to accomplish lower TCO.

Kalle Palmroos, CFO of Masku “Our goal is to keep the headcount low by means of outsourcing. We need to be cost-effective without sacrificing functionality. Our IT budget is now one of the lowest in the public sector”

“Plan 4 IT have their finger on the pulse of IT”, continues Kalle Palmros,

“When other companies tell us about their latest solutions, we’ve already been using that for two years. I can definitely recommend Plan 4 IT”