Faron Pharmaceuticals


Customer Stories

Faron Pharmaceuticals: "It's all about saving lives."

Faron Pharmaceuticals is a Turku-based drug development company listed on AIM London Stock Exchange that conducts research and develops new, innovative drugs to save lives.

The development of pharmaceutical innovations is challenging and requires new scientific breakthroughs in the fight against diseases. With Faron's team of professionals focusing on the essentials, efficient and secure ICT systems as well as rapid support play an important role.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise functionalities have been harnessed as a tool for globally operating personnel. Due to their good usability, Faron prefers Apple Mac and iPhone mobile devices, the support and management features of which have not had to be compromised compared to Windows machines.

”Through exciting science our dedicated professionals want to discover ground-breaking ways to battle diseases that are difficult to cure. Our values science and people tell everyone what Faron is all about. In the end, it’s all about saving lives.” -