Liedon Tilitoimisto Oy


Customer Stories

Liedon Tilitoimisto Oy: "Easy and smooth."

Liedon Tilitoimisto Oy is a versatile accounting firm located in the centre of Lieto, whose roots extend from the beginning of 1980s through an ownership arrangment in 1996 to the present day. The co-operation between Liedon Tilitoimisto Oy and Plan 4 IT Oy began in 2002.

Today, Liedon Tilitoimisto Oy has Plan 4 IT Oy's own Plan Officer service, as well as functional remote connections and automatic backup.

The installation of the Plan Officer concept took into account in particular the operation of the customer's own accounting firm applications, such as Tikon and Domus, as well as the remote connections that the employees had hoped for. Thanks to the reforms, Liedon Tilitoimisto Oy avoided large equipment investments and employees are now able to work smoothly at home as well. Later in 2010, the backup was also changed from tapes to automatic backup.

Liedon Tilitoimisto Oy has been very satisfied with the services of Plan 4 IT Oy. Kim Seljänne, CEO of Liedon Tilitoimisto Oy, especially appreciates Plan 4 IT Oy's flexibility and smooth work: "Co-operation with Plan 4 IT Oy has made our daily lives easier when updates are handled remotely and do not have to be done on all devices separately." Seljänne also mentions the financial savings achieved from the maintenance of ICT equipment and more efficient working hours as concrete benefits.