Pertinax Oy


Customer Stories

Pertinax Oy, Evelina Blom: "You should always find something to improve, but right now nothing comes to mind."

Pertinax Oy is a company operating in Salo, founded in the 1990s. The company designs and implements high-quality printing surfaces for professional and demanding uses on land and at sea.

At Pertinax, work is done wholeheartedly. It is characterized by a genuine interest in customers' projects and a desire to find solutions that work for them. The business of Pertinax has expanded and grown in recent years, as it e.g. in 2018 grabbed a million contract from a cabin factory. Growth has been possible through an extensive network of partners that enables it to deliver large entities or to be a part of them. For instance, IT services have been outsourced in their entirety to Plan 4 IT Oy. "I'm not very interested in pondering about IT, I rather want to focus on my own work. That's why it's good that the professionals who provide the service have persistence and that service is available whenever it is needed," says Evelina Blom.

The co-operation between Pertinax and Plan 4 IT began with the installation of a network firewall. Since then, Plan 4 IT has built a new reliable server and backup system, delivered workstations and laptops, implemented a network upgrade, deployed Microsoft 365, built remote connections for employees, participated in the installation of a large format printer on Linux, and provided a wide range of user support. Pertinax relies on a comprehensive Officer Maintenance Agreement. This is how support is continuously available, servers and workstations are backed up and monitored, and security along with updates are taken care of.

Pertinax is pleased with the co-operation with Plan 4 IT and things have gone well overall. According to Evelina Blom, when there have been unexpected needs, service has been received very quickly. Even the broad machinery required for design and production, from Windows and Linux workstations to large format printers, has not been an obstacle, and Plan 4 IT always has know-how for even more demanding problems. "You should always find something to improve, but right now nothing comes to mind," ponders Evelina Blom.