Tili-Piikkiö Oy


Customer Stories

The CEO of Tili-Piikkiö Oy, Heikki Sinisalo: "One of the most successful deals I've done."

Tili-Piikkiö Oy is an accounting firm located in Piikkiö that values traditions. Being founded almost 40 years ago, the company offers its customers accounting, hosting and payroll services. Tili-Piikkiö became a customer of Plan 4 IT Oy through the recommendation of another accounting firm in 2002, and since then Plan 4 IT Oy has taken care of the company's ICT maintenance.

In 2009, Tili-Piikkiö changed its own ICT equipment to the Plan Officer concept, where instead of investments and separate maintenance fees, a fixed monthly fee is paid for equipment, software and their maintenance. During the Plan Officer installation, all of Tili-Piikkiö's software and users were transferred to the same server, which also greatly facilitated maintenance operations. Simultaneously Tili-Piikkiö's remote connections, which had not worked properly before, were also updated.

The CEO of Tili-Piikkiö, Heikki Sinisalo, describes the co-operation with Plan 4 IT as "the best deal he has ever done". The CEO mentions Tikon software expertise, professionalism and quick response as the strengths of Plan 4 IT Oy. A well-functioning helpline is also in the mind of a CEO who favors a “one-call tactic”. As a grade, Sinisalo would give Plan 4 IT Oy a 10-, because “you can't give a full ten to anyone even if this time he would like to”.